Let me tell you how I will Mama Bear your finances

Let me tell you how I will Mama Bear your finances

The Pulse Package

The Pulse Package is for clients who have a low number of monthly transactions and are doing their own invoices, bill paying and receivables.

The Pulse provides reconciliation of transactions and a second set of eyes to make sure that money continues to flow.



The Vitals Package is for clients in the growth stage of business. They handle their own invoices but need a qualified professional to handle bill paying, receivables and reconciliation, so they can focus on their area of genius. In addition, the Vitals provides revenue planning, forecasting and financial visioning.

Once a month meeting with Tawnya give insight into money leaks, new revenue opportunities, and streamlining processes so you keep more of the money you make.

The Financial Doctor in your Pocket Package

The Financial Doctor In Your Pocket Package is for clients who want to focus on the work of their business and are hands off on the financial processes. They have a higher volume of transactions. The Financial Doctor does all the invoicing, bill paying, receivables, and overseeing payroll and sales tax processes.

Frequent meetings with Tawnya provide a deeper understanding of financial reports and how to use these reports to skyrocket company growth.

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