How I became Mama Bear…

How I became Mama Bear…

During high school I attended modeling school. I had planned a career as a super successful model, traveling the world and walking the most prestigious catwalks. Loved by the masses.     

And then, within a year of graduation, I became a mom. My daughter immediately became my top priority. I felt intense joy when I looked at that tiny being. I loved watching her evolve and trying to see the world through her eyes. My whole outcome on life changed.

I wanted more. More joy, more time to play, more experiences with her.

The model’s life no longer held any appeal.

When she was two years old, I felt ready to go back to work. I found a job with a small business working directly with the owner on office management tasks. I discovered that I loved bookkeeping.

It was like a puzzle, putting the pieces together. I love how numbers can show a picture of what is really going on. I love how formulas can help you create solutions to problems in a way nothing else can. 

I love how the numbers can be played with to create different scenarios and find the best path to future growth. 

And frankly, I love making it all balance perfectly. There is an intrinsic beauty in the order of a perfectly balanced financial statement. 

Yep, I’m a real numbers geek!


I worked with a couple of small businesses until the firm I was working for was purchased by a large company. I was regulated to one small piece of the financial work. I missed having my hands on everything. I missed seeing the big picture and helping chart the course of growth for the company.

I was unhappy and eventually let go, which delighted me.

I volunteered more at my daughter’s school and picked up a part time contract to do bookkeeping for a local company while I looked for a new JOB.

Funny things happened

But a funny thing happened.

People discovered that I was available. I was approached by other business owners; the owner of a coffee shop, an herbalist, a therapist and others. 

I realized that I had created a consulting business and didn’t need a job. My business allowed me to spend time with my daughter, to choose the businesses I wanted to serve and the freedom to set my own schedule. 

Today, my daughter is grown, with little ones of her own. And my business has grown as well.

Today, I serve mighty micro businesses with less than 10 employees and solopreneurs. I hold their hand, educate them and provide the tools so they can grow their business the way they want.

In going through my own journey of setting up my company, I found a huge lack of support for the new guy. There is a lot of information – almost too much. But I couldn’t find one person who was willing to guide me, as ME, with my individual unique needs and desires.

I discovered that most CPAs and tax professionals were more about the money than connecting with their clients. They don’t question things, didn’t explain things because they don’t make much from small companies… like mine was.

My heart went out to micro business owners and solopreneurs. I am drawn to their warmth and their ability to dream big, before they make the ‘big time.’ I love being part of the team that makes dreams reality. 

I Mama bear my clients’ money…


Empowering micro businesses and solopreneurs to reach their financial dreams through financial literacy and visioning.