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Micro Business Owner and Solopreneur

You are more powerful than you think you are.

As a Soloprenuer or a Micro Business (with less than 10 employees), you are one of the 32 million businesses that are part of the total 33.2 million small businesses in the United States. This means, you are vital to the health of our economy!

This is what I know about you:

You desire to focus your time and energy on your area of genius, trusting that you have people on your team taking care of the other stuff.

You dream about having time to work on your business, growing your bigger vision. Instead of being trapped inside of it.

You long for a sense of security, understanding the best ways to balance income, expenses and planning for future growth.

And secretly, you may be dreaming…. of taking vacations, hitting a certain revenue level, or just not working until midnight.

But you find yourself spending way too much time stressing about the daily ins and outs of money.


You worry that you’ve fallen behind.


You feel unorganized.


You’re concerned something is being missed; a bill not paid, an invoice not sent out


You check your bank balance obsessively

You stress over client payments that you haven’t received

You need the money and they owe you, but you don’t want to be a bother


You feel like your money bucket has a hole in it.

I know how it feels.

With compassion and decades of experience, I’ve helped countless solopreneurs and micro business owners just like you gain confidence in their financial health and create successful businesses.

Side-by-side, we partake on the Financial Health journey together. Financial literacy becomes enjoyable, empowering, and even fun. Yes, I said fun. With the bookkeeping, the financial literacy training and financial visioning, I can help you grow your business into one you love.

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